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Quiet Brazilian

Yesterday, Quiet Brazilian, during the G1 Grand Criterium GP race suffered the fracture of the internal and external sesamoid. We want to inform you, that although unfortunately he will not be able to run on the track, Quiet, he started with the recovery, and will...
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Today at the Hipódromo  La Plata, Odiseas,  Wont the  3º Race Jockey Juan Cruz Villagra  
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The Creole Horse

The Creole horse comes from the first horses, Andalusian and Arab, imported by the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century. Over time these horses, often wild, adapted to their new surroundings, to the plains of the pampa, became resistant and rustic by natural selection....
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When a mother approaches the date of delivery, they are separated in a space that is controlled during the 24 hours so that as soon as the foal is on the way we can assist her 100% during the delivery to anticipate and avoid...
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Premio Polla de Potrillos

Una tradición de 120 años Polla de Potrillos es una competición que se lleva a cabo en varios países de América Latina, y a menudo es el primer eslabón de la Triple Corona o Cuádruple Corona para caballos purasangre de cada País. En esta...
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He was born on 24-09-2013. His mom is BLISSFUL SONG and his dad is SIXTIES ICON This year ran in Palermo and San Isidro, races as the classic of the Province of Buenos Aires with performances of arrival in 1st and 2nd place. This...
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Merry Christmas Eve

May this good night be full of blessings for all those who accompany us day after day with so much affection. Have a good night and Merry Christmas! Our best wishes Haras Sta. Elena
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