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Peron and his horse pinto Mancha

If there is an emblematic photo and with a symbolic load unparalleled in Peronism is that of Peron mounted on horseback. Framed in the festivities and commemoration of the San Martín Year, a parade took place on August 17, 1950 led by President Juan...
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Corfu Magic

CORFU MAGIN #ActitudSantaElena Born in our stud farm and in training won the Especial Independencia at the Hipódromo de La Plata
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Auction Copa Junio

Many thanks to everyone for the interest in our products in the June Cup Auctions, which took place this week at the Tattersal in Palermo. See you next Tuesday, June 13th at 17:30 in an exclusive MIXED SALE of our Haras and sumes to...